Youths Must to be Uplifted Says NZ High Commissioner

NZ High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Don Higgins.


NEW Zealand High Commissioner, His Excellency Don Higgins reminded the nation that the theme of the 2019 international Youth Day is asking the nation to look ahead and think about how we can ‘set up for the future’.

The theme for this year is “Transforming Education” to make education inclusive and accessible for all youth.

His Excellency Don Higgins said this year’s theme means celebrating the many strengths of Solomon Islands young people.

“I have seen first-hand the depth and diversity of young talented across education, art, dance, music, sports, and business. This vibrancy enriches the Solomon Islands,” he said.

He said this also means valuing and supporting young people to thrive.

“Your creativity and curiosity and ideas contribute to the growth of Solomon Islands communities. You are the champions of tomorrow’s future and your voice matter,” Higgins said.

He said the vision to create a safe, supportive and inspiring environment for young people to grow into the change makers of tomorrow-is on that New Zealand is excited to support.

“Once the upgrades are completed, we encourage you to claim the space as a place to generate ideas, to fuel creativity, to develop the change-makers of tomorrow and to enrich the Solomon Islands,” Higgins said.

Country Director Oxfam Solomon Islands, Dolores Devesi said that the theme highlights efforts to make education more relevant, equitable, and inclusive for all youth, including efforts by youth themselves.

“Opening youth opportunities to the most marginalized young people and have this motto ‘Leave No One Behind’, we need to see how we include young people in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation through the countries development programs.

“Young people are the science to our future-they innovate and implement with passion and faith. The country needs to motivate and inspire young people to be leaders at all levels,” Dolores said.

She added as an NGO, Oxfam is committed to increasing opportunities for young people with what little resources they have, they will continue to support initiatives that will enable the next generation leaders.