Youth @ Work Ready to Start 2019 Sessions

Youth@Work Group Leader Kristina Mark

Youth @ work is ready to kick off its programs for 2019.

The first sessions for this year is earmarked to run from January 28 to 30 at theYouth @ work head office located at the Art Gallery compound.

The first sessions that will be carried out is an info session which explains the youth @ work program to interested youths for new intakes.

During this session there will also be the chance for interested youths to ask questions to know about the programme.

“This programme has been a great help by opening ways to success and achievements to employment to many youths over the past years,” said Kristina Mark, the Youth @work Registration Training officer.

“Youth @Work aim is to increase the economic prospects of young people in Solomon Islands through providing pre-employment and basic business trainings, facilitating internships and supporting the small business start-up.

“We encourage more youth to turn up this year to seek the help of this program that may help you in a way or another onto be somebody successful in your future.

“We would like to see young people to see Youth @ work as an opportunity that will guide them to employment and entrepreneurship as a success to them in the future,” she said.