THE Western Provincial Government (WPG) has commended the National Statistics Office (NSO) for the Solomon Islands 2015 Demographic and Health Survey (SI DHS 2015) report.

That was after a successful two-day provincial dissemination workshop on the SI DHS 2015 report held at St Peter’s Conference Room in the Provincial Capital – Gizo, from Wednesday 27th to 28th Thursday September 2017, last week.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) together with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) representative Hellen Tomasi and Dr Hugo Bugoro from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) facilitated the two-day event.

The dissemination exercise which aimed at ensuring information of the survey reach the people in the rural areas who provided the information during the survey attracted a total of 32 participants with active contribution during the course of the occasion.

Participants include Western Province Acting Deputy Premier Malloney Lopoto, his Advisor Hendry Zimbo, representative from Ministry of Health- Gizo Hospital and other representatives from NGOs, Youth at Work, Save the Children, SIPPA, USP- Education and the main Churches representatives.

Welcoming the NSO staffs on the first day of the workshop Mr Lopoto said, the SI DHS 2015 report is significant given the reputation that it will provide the prospect for Western Province to have a clear picture of its health status on issues and circumstances the province is fronting especially in the (its) communities.

He said the workshop marks another milestone of development for health Information for Western Province adding the DHS report which provides data and information about the Province health status would be used as a yardstick for planning purposes and implementation of its future strategies/policies as a way forward for the Province.

He said, “health is for all and it is our responsibility to make sure health information/data and services carry on in our communities and provinces.

“Data and information is quite lacking in the Western Province and this is where I congratulate the National Statistics Office (NSO) for producing such report and findings, this data and information are very important for our analysis and decision making in our Provincial Government,” Mr Lopoto emphasised.

The workshop was informative and interactive as many of the participant’s raised comments as they see the importance of data and information from 2015 Demographic Health survey Report reveals Health issues the country faces, in our Island provinces, especially on Child health, Sanitation and Family Planning.

Gizo Child health Coordinator William Siako said, the data and information revealed in the 2015 SI DHS report indicates that Solomon Islands has not yet reach the national target for children’s health.

“We need to improve the child Health of our Children in Solomon Islands especially here in Western Province.”
He pointed out that, Nutrition for our children is important and there’s a need to closely observe or monitor our children food consumption.

Mr Siako said, most local market vendors sell their local nutritious food at the market in exchange to buy manufactured food (store food), which are not healthy for children’s health.
He added that, this issue on child health can be solve only if the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) together with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) collaborate together.

The SI DHS workshop brought about many feedbacks from participants as they raised important arguments/points that will see the responsible authority take on board to address health concerns in the particular province (Western) and the nation as a whole.

Mr Siako said the SI DHS report is a beckon for the Western Provincial Government to ensure it acts on strategies that will improve health status in the province.

He also thanked NSO Office and welcomes any further Surveys that NSO will execute this year and in the future. “Statistics information is for us to see where we are in our Health status and an important guide for planning purposes.”

Headed by the NSO, this dissemination exercise is part of the particular government department (NSO) major and current roll-out programme on the SI DHS 2015 final report dissemination workout into the provinces following the official launch and Honiara dissemination workshop held in June 6th -7th, 2017.

Similar workshops are already organised for Guadalcanal and Malaita Province.

The Solomon Islands Demographic and Health Survey 2015 (SIDHS 2015) is a nationally representative survey of 6,266 women aged 15–49 and 3,591 men aged 15–54.

The SIDHS 2015 was the second such survey for the country. The first one was conducted in 2006–2007.

The primary purpose of the SIDHS is to furnish policy-makers and planners with detailed information on fertility, family planning, infant and child mortality, maternal and child health and nutrition, and knowledge of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

The SIDHS 2015 is a follow up of the SIDHS 2006–2007 and is designed to provide updated data to monitor the population and health situation in Solomon Islands.

The report which contains 16 chapters summarises the findings of the SIDHS 2015 implemented by the SINSO in collaboration with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services (SIMoHMS).

The SIDHS 2015 project was funded jointly by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-Aid Program, SIG and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Source: Ministry of Finance – Media Release

Photos Caption:

1. Part of the participants at the DHS workshop.

2. Gizo participants attending the Dissemination for 2015 Demographic and Health survey at Western Province last week 28th -29th September 2017. Front row, second on the right is Anterlyn Tuzakana, the Director for Demographic survey, 2nd row from left was Mr Joseph Jio the NSO staff at Gizo , and third on the left is the acting Deputy Premier Hon Malloney Lopoto and standing second the Political advisor Mr Hendry Zimbo.

3. Mr Hendry Zimbo Political Advisor for Western Province

4. Anterlyn Tuzakana, NSO senior staff and the Director of the Demographic Survey responding to questions and comments during the workshop.