Women Candidate Trainers Workshop Ends in Lata

Temotu Council of Women Vice-President Edith Dagi (standing) speaking during the workshop in Lata.

THE Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) has successfully completed its three days Training of Trainers workshop in Lata, Temotu Province.

The recent workshop has been a successful one and an eye opener for many who have participated.

SINCW Acting General Secretary, Casper Fa’asala said the TOT workshop is part of the second series of training under the ‘Strongem Woka blo Ologeta Mere fo Jonim Politiks lo Solomon Aelans’ which has already started in other provinces.

“The workshop main aim is to provide training for Campaign Managers and Manageress. Their role is to conduct Campaign Advocacy Programs for aspiring women candidates in the coming Provincial Assembly and National General Elections early next year,” he said.

Mr Fa’asala said the current series of Training of Trainers is to help trainers to understand the basic concepts of democratization, Accountability, Electoral Processes and Elections, Patriotism and Nationalism, Citizenship and Rights of Citizens including Governance and Leadership.

He said it would also focus on strengthening the skills and knowledge of Campaign Managers to developing Strategies to Winning an Election.

Meanwhile, Temotu Council of Women Vice-President Edith Dagi said she is very pleased and honoured to be part of the workshop and thanked all participants who have attended the first ever Training of Trainers for political Campaign Managers in Lata.

“The Temotu Council of Women is very pleased to host the Training Program where I believe the participants have gained new knowledge and skills to Campaign about the truth for change that will bring about the views of our people, including men and women, youth and children of the Province and our nation Solomon Islands,” she added.

Meanwhile she encouraged all who have participated in the TOT workshop to make the best out of what they learned by supporting women and genuine political candidates who will support inclusive and people-centred development based on human rights and needs of all men, women, youth and children of Temotu province and beloved country Solomon Islands.

“Lastly, I want to thank the Solomon Islands National Council of Women for their initiative in designing this Train the Trainers Campaign Managers Program, and not forgetting the Donors for their kind financial assistance in making the training possible for us at the provincial level,” she added.