When the Act of One Officer Destroys the Image of RSIPF

Public questioned police use of excessive force and brutality.


THE power entrusted to every sworn Police officer means the amount of damage one, power-hungry, or unstable cop can cause is immense.

However, it is important to point out that the vast majority of police officers are honorable people who became officers to help others and aid in the delivery of justice.

They are, very often, heroic, courageous, compassionate and helpful.

Recently, over the Christmas and New Year festive season, citizens have taken to the social media and media to voice their grievances regarding Police use of excessive force or brutality.

One such incident happen on last month, January 2020, where RSIPF Officers battered two unarmed youths drinking SB just outside their home at Mbokona.

According to revelations by the victims, they were enjoying themselves festively until Police officers patrolling the area approached them and without giving any chance for them to explain their situation or the police officers without giving any warning, use Truncheon or baton to beat the two youths, telling them to get away from the area without even asking if they are sitting in their area.

“We are sitting in our area and seeing the police aggressive approach towards us, my other friend tried to get away, however, he received a blow of the police baton to his right leg,” the victim told Sunday Isles Newspaper.

He further revealed that he received a whack of baton to his back, hands and back. Paper spray has also been used to spray his eyes.

“The part I don’t understand was that, I was handcuffed, thrown into the police Land Cruiser vehicle and was taken to the Central Police Station common hall. I was never summoned to court,” he said.

Sunday Isles understands that the case has been taken up by the RSIPF internal Investigation Unit.

According to sources, a team formed by the Naha Police Station as a Support team was responsible for the unprofessional and inexcusable beatings in this case and a few other cases around the City which resulted in the unit now being dissolved – because there have been many complaints from the public about police being so brutal in their attitude.

Meanwhile, in a response to this paper’s enquiry, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) stated they welcome any allegation against their officers.

“Professional Standard Internal Investigation (PSII) is established to assist with such police involvements.

“We kindly ask the alleged victim to bring strong evidence and tender his or her story for possible investigation.

“Police encourage the alleged victim to call PSII on phone 24107 and report the matter for them to deal with it.”

The RSIPF also pointed out that posting of such police action on social media will not help at all.