Well-Trained Security Guards Graduate

14 security guards who graduated with the Liberty Protection Services (SI) LTD banner.
Mr Fred Yeis Yakasa.

FOURTEEN new security guards have graduated from the Liberty Protection Services latest training course last week at the Heritage Park Hotel.

The security guards have been training for four days-3 to 4 hours each day in the field of security under the supervision of Fred Yesi Yakasa, Managing Director and Private Consultant who is a former Diplomat and former Senior Police Officer at the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC).

A graduate’s rep who spoke on behalf of his fellow graduates said that he has seen many differences from where he previously serves as a security guard compared to the Liberty Protection Services.

From the training as well, we’ve learnt about the importance of being a security where as at the first place, we thought being a security is just something else.

“At first we thought that being a security officer is just a matter of opening and closing the gate but through this training, we have learnt what being a security really is and the big role they play in the communities.

“If you don’t protect your legs with slippers or shoes, you will get hurt, if you leave you bag open while walking on the street, you will be a target for thieve, that is why security is very important,” he said.

Mr Yakasa said the new graduates had been learning basic skills and many other operations for being security officers.

He said all around the world today the biggest issue in any international meeting is security.

“Coming down to the basic house and basic places where we live, it is all about whether or not our places are safe and secure for all of us to live.

“This is why it is very important we should consider the importance of security officers,” Mr Yakasa said.

He said the graduates were trying to understand what being a security guard was all about, why there needs to be security officers and the importance of security officers.

“Many people say that being a security guard is the last job anyone would want and they think that many school drop outs end up being security guards but when they get out from their compounds and go to work or travel overseas, all they want to do is ensure that their homes, families and properties are safe.

“Security guards are doing their best to ensure they play a big role in giving good peace of mind,” Mr Yakasa said.

He said the graduates learnt how the law affects them as they provide security service, including whether they have rights of arrest, whether they are allowed to chase anybody and if they are allowed to touch evidence that’s left behind by someone who commits a crime.

He taught them what to do if something happens where they live, trained them on how to respond, how they report incidents and how they handle situations while waiting for police to arrive.

Mr Yakasa believed that through previous work experience the graduates were well positioned to serve as security guards in the Solomon Islands.