Weather Coast Communities Take Lead in COVID-19 Response

Establishing a village coronavirus committee is a key arsenal in the remote weather coast region of South Guadalcanal in the pandemic fight.


ESTABLISHING a village coronavirus committee is a key arsenal in the remote weather coast region of South Guadalcanal in the pandemic fight.

In light of the experience indicates that the previously declared state of public emergency in the Solomon Islands to contain the spread of the disease has resulted in locals returning to villages in the remote South Guadalcanal.

In a recent visit to Haliatu Village, South Guadalcanal, Sunday Isles caught up with the village spokesperson and elder, Benjamin Ngaovaka who shared the intention of setting up the village coronavirus committee.

Mr. Ngaovaka said there is a gap they saw that needs to be closed and that is the sole reason for the committee set up.

“There is a gap between us the rural people and our government with regards to the fight against the COVID-19.

“We heard on the radio the government is doing all it can in making sure we do not have this virus.

“For this reason, we realize that we rural people need to do our part,” he explained.

Ngaovaka further explained that there were three things that the committee is focused on, and the first one is to control the movement of people, clean environment and the third is on the spiritual part of life.

“Our first idea is based on how to control the movement of people entering our village once there is an outbreak.

“The next one is in a clean environment. We see this as a chance to teach out people about living in a clean and healthy environment, on proper ways to dispose of rubbishes and as well as our third idea which to deepen our spiritual lives, where one has to spare time each day to pray for our nation, for God’s protection on every one of us,” he said.

Mr. Ngaovaka furthered the only setback he sees that would slow down their work is they lack the equipment to help them carryout out their works.

“Equipment like wheelbarrows and rakes is what we need to help us clean our beaches as well as in and around our village.

“And for this, we want to call on our provincial government and as well our Member of Parliament to assist us with our needs,” Ngaovaka said.

Fighting the Coronavirus from entering the Solomon Islands’ shores is not of the government alone but rather it is everybody’s business.

It is the duty for all Solomon islanders from across the board living in the country to abide by every necessary measure that has put in place by authorities.

Big or small, seen or unseen, all the efforts that one did has helped to prevent oneself and even the country from the virus.

For Haliatu Village in the remote South Guadalcanal, though many have seen as a potential safe-haven should there be an outbreak in the country because of its remoteness and is one of the isolated regions in the country, they still see the importance of fighting the virus at all cost.