Vanuatu Thankful to Solomon Islands

Hon Sogovare presenting gifts to Jenny Ligo of Vanuatu delegation.

THE Vanuatu delegation expressed its gratitude to the 2018 Melanesian Arts and Cultural host, Solomon Islands, for its efforts in organizing the successful event.

The chairwoman of the Vanuatu National Culture Council, Jenny Ligo, said she was honored to thank the Solomon Islands Government and its people for the 10 day festival.

She praised the organizers of the 6th festival for their professionalism and for making it a very powerful, successful and memorable event.

The opening ceremony at the Lawson Tama stadium on Sunday, 1st July included a very colorful performance by Solomon Islands young people and was followed by an inspiring, colorful fireworks.

Sale Olo dancers from Isabel province.

Her delegation had enjoyed their stay in Honiara and felt they had shared together the true meaning of the spirit of the unity of Melanesian cultures based on Christian principals and respect for each other.

“Today, it is another milestone in the history of the Melanesian countries to mark the end of the 6th MACFest and on behalf of Vanuatu government and its people, we are honored also by the secretariat of the MSG for the recognition to hand over the Festival flag to Vanuatu.

“The meaning of the Melanesian flag can be divide by many ways that symbolise the preamble of these Melanesian countries but the co-significant meaning that we, people of the Melanesian countries, shall be proud to proclaim is the uniqueness of our diversities, cultures in the big blue ocean of the South Pacific, which we shall have an obligation and duty to promote and preserve for our future generations.

“We are grateful and honored as the next host but we have to accept the challenge that MSG and the government of Solomon Islands have put on our shoulders to ensure that similar formula organisation is promoting our culture activities within our Melanesian countries is very important,” she said.

With a small presentation of Vanuatu activities at the festival, Mrs Ligo said they hoped to assure their Melanesian brothers and sisters that Vanuatu, being a nation founded on traditional Melanesian principles, would be prepared for the next round of MACFest in Vanuatu.

She concluded by warmly inviting the Solomon Islands to attend the next Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival in Vanuatu in 2022.