‘Vaccination is the Only Prevention Against Measles’

Director of Children’s Ward/ Paediatric Dr. Titus Nasi .


PUBLIC misinformation suggesting that children with measles can be treated with traditional herbal medicine has no medical confirmation behind it.

“Custom herbal medicines cannot provide relief or cure to symptoms of measles. There is no treatment for virus but it needs a supportive care approach. Today, measles anywhere is a risk everywhere. Vaccines are the best way to protect our children and communities from this highly contagious disease,” Head of Paediatrics at the National Referral Hospital, Dr. Titus Nasi said.

Dr. Titus said MMR vaccination remains the best form of protection against measles infection.

“Children need to receive injections to prevent further outbreaks, as well as adults who missed theirs when they were young.

“Vaccination is the most effective means of protection and we would urge people to ensure they are fully vaccinated.”

It has come to the media understanding that there are individuals using the social media and public domain that suggests custom medicine treatments for measles.

Dr. Titus said for most adults it is a highly unpleasant infection; for young children, it can be life-threatening. The best protection for them is vaccination.

“If you suspect measles, or have been in contact with someone with measles, call your local health clinic for advice. If you or someone you know has measles, it is critical that you avoid crowds and public spaces, and do not take public transport. This will help stop the spread of measles.

“There is no specific treatment for measles. Children must be carefully monitored, offered nutritious food and plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Use paracetamol or Panadol to keep the child’s fever down.

He said signs of worsening infection are shortness of breath; a sharp chest pain that feels worse with breathing; coughing up blood; drowsiness; confusion; fits; severe diarrhea; and inability to eat.

“If you have any concerns that the measles infection is getting worse, contact your hospital, clinic or outpost,” Dr. Titus Nasi said.