UDP Confident to Lead SI

President of United Democratic Party (UDP), Danny Philip.


UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY (UDP) are confident to lead the country into the next four years if elected says former Prime Minister Danny Philip.

“We have the most applicable and relevant policies to govern not only our state institutions but most importantly to govern our society through fundamental reform.

“We believe in the total governance of our country not just one sector as has been the case we gained political independence, the party believes in governing real people rather than governing mere institutions.

“Unlike other political parties which were formed and registered to contest elections-United Democratic Party (UDP) is a call towards national unity towards an all-inclusive Solomon Islands society,” Philip said.

He said UDP is and experience party that calls for a quest for a solution to a country in crisis as UDP is a birth of an idea indeed UDP as a political party is itself an experience.

“UDP signals the heralding of anew social renaissance and new awakening for the Solomon Islands society.

“UDP is much more than just another political reform, it is a prescription and social panacea to achieving national unity towards an “all inclusive society.

“UDP comes out in this election in search of men and women of like mind, men and women who are truly believers in the means to a solution advanced by the party,” Philip said.

He added that unlike any other party they are not interested in the number game, although they are deeply conscious of it.

“They are not interested in the leadership race which other parties are so paranoid about in their party launching speeches.

“We believe in not just any leadership but leadership that take us through an exit plan from the vicious cycle of continuing with the status quo of governing institutions,” Philip said.

Philip said that as a party they are out seeking a leader who will champion the governing of the whole country through the implementation of our social reform programs.

“UDP is seeking a champion leader who will lead the country out from the stigma of superimposing institutional governance over the governance of real people.”

UDP Election Platform

Meanwhile, Danny Philip said that UDP policy platform outlines the general thinking and argument underlying the behaviour of the state institution and utilising resources and benefitting itself much more than the citizens.

Philip importantly noted that UDP has a definite political statement on fundamental social reforms as the only way forward for the people of Solomon Islands to cohesion.

“The party believes that the country has exist under two basic assumptions in the 40 years of political independence.

“Assumption 1 that the people of Solomon Islands own the resources in the country and have sufficiently adequately from their utilization.

“Assumption 2 that economic development has been the principle factor in foresting national unity and social cohesion in the country,” Philip said.

He said as one of the major political parties in the country they have aim to advance the understanding to cohesion our realisation of the most feasible people state relationship operating on a new modus Operandi.

“We believe that the two parallel reform policy programs being fully implemented, Solomon Islands will be redirected and ushered into a new era after 40 years of political status quo.”

Philip said in the formation of the next Executive Government UDP would create no boundaries.

“We will opened to negotiations on the question of leadership, UDP will accept an offer given on the basis of greater consensus.

“I assure you that as a political party comprising a group of determined and visionary individuals.

“Urging ourselves to rise up you the challenges of our nation at such time as this and through our reform policies advocated in our manifesto will auger us forward to a new order of socio-economic wellbeing,” Philip said.

UDP has more than 18 candidates fielding from different constituencies through the country.