TSI Warned PM and Urged Kuma to Watch Government Spending


TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands urged the newly appointed Minister of Finance Harry Kuma to watch government spending on unproductive areas like cabinet food and political appointees.

In a recent statement, TSI told new Prime Minister Mannaseh Sogavare that:

“As you appoint your executive government let the people’s terrible social services, massive unemployment, closing the gap between the rich and the poor be your guiding light. The combination of [DCCG/SIDCCG] comes with baggage such as millions in food bill for cabinet, hotel bills, highest political appointees, the highest ever CDF allocation, the reduction of PCDF Budgets of Provincial Government. Transparency Solomon Islands urges the newly appointed Minister of Finance Hon Harry Kuma to watch government spending on these unproductive areas.”

The statement further warned Sogavare that country is not prepared for more the same as he did in the past four years.

“As the Prime Minister you will be responsible for the daily running of the affairs of Solomon Islands. In this regard Transparency Solomon Islands reminds your government that nation is not prepared for more of the same as in previous parliament and as seen in the leadership of the DCCG/SIDCCG], both groups that you were a party too as Prime Minister and as Deputy Prime Minister. Political instability comes from within the Executive Government fighting over political appointees, ministerial positions and legislations that might threaten their corrupt conducts e.g. the sagas of the passage of the Anti-Corruption Acts through parliament resulting in the provisions that would have given the Act teeth to bite were excluded, and the vote of no confidence in your DCCG government,” the statement said.

On the appointment of ministers TSI urged Sogavare to note that “who you appoint to Ministry as minister is important. In the mining sector for example, will you appoint a minister that will ensure no more Rennell disaster and that the most important consideration in any mining application for Wagina would be the people? You can show-case your leadership by stopping mining of Wagina Island your province by ex-loggers and as is people of Choiseul and Wagina’s wish. This would be a good start.”