TSI Slams Members of Parliament Salary Increase


TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands described members of parliament get huge pay increase in annual salaries is “absolutely outrageous”

TSI questioned how the MPs can bear to think that they deserve such salary while many workers can hardly cope from pay week to pay week.

The truth of how Solomon Islanders struggle to survive each day can be seen in women visiting offices, on roadsides with their markets early daily to supplement their partners salary to feed their families, pay school fees, uniforms and the list goes on.

Transparency Solomon Islands says if PEC approve MPs huge increase in annual salaries then government should consider salary increase of hardworking public servants such as Police, Doctors, Nurses as well in the private sector.

The PEC decision was disappointing and depicts a picture to the nation that politicians are self serving and lack integrity and they make laws to benefit or protect themselves.

TSI says that PEC should made a public consultation with different sectors on the salary increase whether or not to approved it, to ensure it is fair with the working class in the public and private sector.

Solomon Islanders pay tax to the government hoping that the government will use the tax payers’ money to improve social services such as schools, clinics, provide water supply and sanitation, enough medicine and medical supplies in the clinics as well as build economic infrastructures to bring about development in the country but it turn the opposite the social services in the country remain of poor standard.