TSI Call on Fifty Constituencies to Demand Former MPS Present Acquittal Report


TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands is urging former members of parliament must present their acquittal report to account for the millions of dollars received on behalf of the Constituency.

Constituents have all the right to demand that their MPs must provide acquittal reports during the campaign period detailing how the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been used. The CDF belongs to the people being represented and it is not the MPs personal funds as alluded to by some.

Communities where TSI conducted its CDF Consultation and Assessment workshops have expressed they don’t know how or where their CDF has gone to. For some constituencies, the same Member of Parliament has been representing them for years with nothing to show in the constituency for the millions received from CDF

TSI commends South Guadalcanal Constituency demanding an explanation from former MP David Pacha on how the $5million shipping grant the constituency received in 2017 was spent.

Transparency Solomon Islands acknowledge members of Parliament who put into good use the shipping grant to purchase ship. Some Members of Parliament did well to roll out infrastructure development to build roads, purchase of ship, building clinics and classrooms under Constituency Development Fund.

Transparency Solomon Islands appeal to Tax payers not to be deceived by kind of a strategy because shipping grant and CDF were people’s money so you have the right to benefit from this funding and vote for candidate that would best represent you and has a vision not only for you, the development of the constituency but a vision for our nation, Solomon Islands.

Most communities in our provinces still rely on their own sweat and hard work, community fundraisings and other means of raising funds to build their community hall or church. Where are the millions that our MPs receive on behalf of our constituency over the years?.

It is crucial for all citizens to understand that your member of parliament is answerable to his/her constituents. This duty and responsibility comes with the position being occupied by the Member of Parliament as the people’s legal representative in Parliament.