Triomega: Now Available in Honiara Pharmacies

Triomega capsule available in Hyper-Chem Pharmacy in Honiara.


A NEW drug ‘Triomega’ made from fish oil is now available for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and cancer.

That’s according to Hyper-Chem Pharmacy in Honiara.

The drug can also help cure heart, brain, and eyes, and joints issues.

Manufactured and packaged in Australia and New Zealand the Triomega capsule now gains popularity for its various health benefits.

Hyper-Chem Pharmacy Manageress, Debrelynn described the fish oil nutrients of Triomega as important for patients who have trouble with focusing, and cancer patients with an abnormal division of cells in their bloodstream.

She said the capsule comes in several types of packages and sold in several local pharmacies in Honiara.

“Fish oils are nature’s richest source of Omega-3 nutrients and offer an easy and convenient way to ensure a regular daily intake.

“You can take one or two capsules or pills in a day after your meal. Fish oil has a lot of benefits to our body, but one of the common use of this fish oil is for the heart.

“This is especially for those patients with high fat in the body, to maintain a normal level,’’ Hyper-Chem Pharmacy Manageress told Sunday Isles.

Debrelynn further added in this way people can prevent hypertension (heart attack), high cholesterol (overweight) level alike, for old people, women and men, even not the elderly one but then for any age group to- take this medicine.

Meanwhile, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder generally attacks children, teenagers and can even be found in adults; furthermore, people suffering from this mental disorder have trouble focusing.

“Cancer is essentially when there is an abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body.

“Typically, the body forms new cells to replace the ones that die.

“When new cells start growing even if you don’t need them and the old cells don’t die, the extra cells may form a mass known as a tumor as in this case cancer prohibits the normal functioning due to the abnormal division of cells in the bloodstream,” according to a cited definition.

She said the fish oil is extracted from the fish, so it composes of Omega 369 complexes of omega oils from the fish.

“Omega-3 is super concentrated with fish oil and can help maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation and plays a significant role in the brain and may help to maintain healthy brain development and functions.

“The Triomega has been specially formulated to concentrate these nutrients to over twice the natural level to ensure high levels of pure omega -3 goodness in convenient capsules.

“Each capsule provides a full 300 mg of the omega-3 essential fatty acids and contains the important nutrients of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) for the body systems,’’ Debrelynn explained.