Trio Hospitalize after Consuming Bonito from Honiara Central Market

Fresh bonitoes sold at the Honiara Central Market.


A woman including her two granddaughters have been hospitalized after consuming fresh bonito bought from the Honiara Central Market over the weekend.

Ms. Evelin Ghaoka 63, Tracy 13, and Lilian 9 were admitted at the National Referral Hospital straight after the food poisoning incident on Monday evening.

The incident occurred on Saturday 23 May at the Alligator Creek area according to the victim.

The victim Ms. Ghaoka from Aola, East Guadalcanal who resided with her daughter to purposely take care of her granddaughters while their mother was away from their home at the Alligator Creek area, said that she bought some fresh bonitoes (fish) at the Honiara Central Market.

“I was tempted to buy a few fresh bonitoes from a local fish vendor after they shouted, “fresh bonitoes on sale” so I quickly decided to go home early to prepare bonitoes for our evening dinner,” Ms. Ghaoka explained.

She said that while she arrived home, she went straight to the kitchen to prepare their dinner.

“As I started chopping the bonito, my hands (between her fingers) started to feel itchy without realizing that it was an effect from the bonito,” she said.

She said that while they were enjoying their dinner, her smallest granddaughter Lilian started to complain of an itchy throat then we realized that it might be caused by the bonito.

“Later, we all responded with a similarly odd feeling that evening, however, it started to get worse. I felt a severe headache with an itchy throat which caused my eyes to turn red and watery; we immediately call for a medical ambulance to assist us to the hospital,” Ghaoka added.

She said that her smallest granddaughter was already unconscious before the ambulance had taken them to the hospital, however, we were fortunate to survive and recovered from our ill condition three days later.

Ghaoka said it was her first time to experience such an awful incident and she urged the Honiara City Council to carry out daily health inspection on the quality of fish sold at the Honiara Central Fish Market to ensure it is safe for human consumption,” she demanded.