Tran Vows to Maintain Commitment

Businessman and Politician, Namson Tran speaking in his previous election campaign in 2014.

THE former Member of Parliament for West Honiara Namson Tran launched his election campaign with a bold message of assurance that he will continue  do his utmost best in serving the people of West Honiara and the nation at large in the next four years and beyond upon re-election.

The upcoming National General Election as declared by the Governor-General will be held on 3rd April.

Mr Tran, who is seeking re-election for a third term, told the huge crowd that braved the heat of the afternoon sun to participate in his campaign launch at the White River School field, that the financial forecast for the country for this year and the following year is gloomier and ‘families, communities and the nation as whole’ are bound for tougher times.

“Let me inform you that the National Government Budget for this year (2019) doesn’t look really good. The Development Budget, in particular, has been heavily reduced. Allocations to all constituencies have been significantly reduced and as such essential services such as health and education will be greatly affected.”

But Mr Tran said with the impending gloomier financial forecast, he stands committed to do his very best for the betterment of the people of West Honiara and Solomon Islands in general.

He said it has been his principle since he was first elected into Parliament in 2010 that ‘What belongs to the people must go to the people.’ The former West Honiara MP who has been commended by the Ministry of Rural Development for timely acquittal of Rural Constituency Development Funds over the last eight years added that ‘I strongly believe that I am more capable, more committed and more willing to do more for you- my people of West Honiara- in the next four years.’

“I understand your daily struggles and would like to assure you that I will not rest and will be always there to assist you, your families and your communities to a better livelihood,” he further added. Mr Tran funded many livelihood projects and assisted schools build new classrooms and repair rundown ones. He purchased medicines to health centres and clinics during the medicine shortage crisis that hit the country last year and provided assistance to sports clubs and churches. At times, he even used his personal money to support and sustain constituency projects, such as the school fees assistance initiative as the allocations from the government were not sufficient to cover all applicants.

Mr Tran also declared his commitment to ensuring political stability and emphasised that a stable political government attracts more investments which in turn will create more employment opportunities for locals.

He uttered that as a national leader, he is committed to serving all people of West Honiara alike, regardless of ‘whether you are black or white, strong or weak, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.’

“We are one. One people of West Honiara constituency and one people of Solomon Islands,” the former West Honiara MP added.

The former West Honiara MP also took the opportunity to explain that he will not do much talking on his campaign trails as those who talk a lot tend to make a lot of sweet but empty promises.

“I don’t do cheap talks and I don’t do empty talks. I don’t talk, talk and talk but when I talk, I always ensure that what I say is for the improvement of people’s lives and thereby have a positive impact on our nation. Our actions speak louder than our words.”

Mr Tran appealed to his supporters to respect other election candidates and their supporters and keep out of any arguments and violence that will only lead into more problems.

The former West Honiara MP also took the opportunity to thank the people of West Honiara for the support they rendered to him as their national leader for the last eight years.

He said it has been a ‘very challenging eight years’ but through toil, determination and collaboration, they have achieved a lot in terms of the constituency livelihood projects and other constituency assistances in the spheres of education, health, sanitation, sports and churches.

Mr Tran said the constituency assistances in these areas have ‘really’ touched the lives of the people and further stated that they are bound to achieve much more in the next four years and beyond if he gets re-elected and they keep working hard together.

He said administrative changes will be made in the constituency office as soon as he resumes office after the election to further improve funding disbursement to the constituency.

Mr Tran’s campaign theme song was also introduced at the launching by famous local music artist Dezine. The event also featured live band music entertainment by Dezine and Solodoa and other entertainment performances by various ethnic groups in West Honiara.

Mr Tran is contesting this NGE as an independent candidate.