This is a Roadmap for More Royal Visit: PM

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare during his acknowledgment speech to the visiting Prince at Lawson Tama Stadium.


THE recent visit by the Prince of Wales and the next of kin to the throne Prince Charles has seen as a pavement for more visits from the royal family.

This was according to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare during his acknowledgment speech to the visiting prince at Lawson Tama Stadium on Monday although it is not the first of such visits by the royal family to the country.

“Your Royal Highness, as a nation and proud member of the Commonwealth Family, we are truly humbled and blessed to have the monarch on our shores again.

“We are particularly delighted that Solomon Islands is becoming a popular destination for the royal household. In 2012 in which we also had the honor to host the Duke and Dutches of Cambridge.

“It is my hope this visit will pave the way for even more visits by other members of the royal family,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

The Prime Minister also touched on the commonwealth charter which stated, “the special strength of the Commonwealth lies in the combination of the diversity that share inheritance in language, culture and the rule of law, and bound together because by shared history and tradition, by respect for all states and people, by shared values and Principles and by concerned for the vulnerable.

In Solomon Islands Pidgin, the Prince of Wales replied; “Ufala Olowe welcome family blong me, and mifala think high lo datfala special bond wetem ufala. Thank you tumas for kam today and thank you tumas for welcoming me.”

English Translation

“Thank you all for coming here today and thank you for welcoming me. This is not the first time that you welcome any of my family members here and with that, we really honoured the very special bond that connects us together,” the prince said.