Taiwan’s NGO Offered Humanitarian Support

Household items donated by the Taiwanese Non Governmental Organization (NGO) - SimplyHelp Foundation.


TAIWANESE Non Governmental Organization (NGO) – SimplyHelp Foundation has donated humanitarian supplies to Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) in Honiara.

The humanitarian donation worth around US$100,000 (approximately SBD$ 783,000) include items such as sandals, stationary, toys, clothing, livelihood items and kitchenware.

Taiwan Embassy representative to the Solomon Islands, Deputy Counsellor, Oliver Weng attended the handing over ceremony program, in which he revealed Taiwan has been working shoulder to shoulder with SimplyHelp Foundation.

“Recognizing the humanitarian contribution and grass root mobility of Red Cross S.I. Taiwan Embassy identified Red Cross S.I. as the recipient for the SimplyHelp donation.

“Since 2015, Taiwan Embassy has been working shoulder to shoulder with ‘SimplyHelp Foundation’ to provide household items including clothes, hygiene tools and housing equipments tot the Solomon Islanders.

“Taiwanese NGOs such as “SimplyHelp Foundation” play crucial role roles in our international humanitarian efforts. Their enormous passion and vision are the true driving force that realized the humanitarian donation today.

“The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) sponsored the transportation of this humanitarian container from USA to SI,” Weng told the media.

A Taiwanese lady Ms. Tina Bow founded SimplyHelp Foundation in year 2000. It is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, dedicated to relieving poverty by providing containers of goods for relief of poverty, vocational training, shelter and care for the homeless elderly.

SimplyHelp received special consultative status from the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in 2005.

Weng further clarified that in January 2019 Taiwan Embassy donated 360 solar lamps to Red Cross SI to tackle challenges faced by rural areas after the severe weather event in Solomon Island.

Secretary General (Acting) of Solomon Islands Red Cross, Clement Manuri and Taiwan Embassy, Deputy Counsellor, Oliver Weng signifying the handingover of humanitarian assistance.

Meanwhile, Red Cross SI Secretary General (Acting) Clement Manuri acknowledged Taiwan for the support.

“On behalf of the board, staff, management and volunteers as well as those who will be beneficiaries of the items want to sincerely thank you for the great donation that you handover to SI Red Cross.”

Manuri said earlier this year, SI Red Cross also received donations from the Taiwan Embassy in Honiara, which includes 600 solar lamps.

“I want to assure Taiwan Embassy that this donations will be distributed to the vulnerable people in the communities in the country.”