Stop Smoking While Pregnant

Stop Smoking While Pregnant.


SMOKING often puts a baby at risk of attracting health problems during and after the period of pregnancy.

In the Solomon Islands; it is evident to see a pregnant mother actively consuming tobacco products. Pregnant smokers have put their babies at a very high risk of poor growth and mortality.

Speaking to Sunday Isles, Dr. Donna Wate, said that smoking mothers are putting their lives and their babies at risk.

“Smoking mothers should know that smoking normally causes serious health implications on both mother and child.”

She said that smoking harms babies such as leading to serious health complications.

“There are effects such as lowering the amount of oxygen available both to the mother and the baby, increasing the baby’s heart rate, increasing the chances of miscarriage and stillbirth and increasing the risk that the baby is born prematurely or born with low birth weight.

“Smoking contains many chemicals and cancer-producing substances that when it reaches the bloodstream of a pregnant mother it circulates and also enters the baby’s system.

“All effects of smoking remain after birth taking, for example, children who have smoking mothers have more problems with learning behavior at school.

“There is also one main effect that children of smoking mothers have up to 50% greater chance of slow mental development,” Dr. Donna said.

She advised pregnant women who are smoke addicted to try their best to quit smoking.

“Education is one of the most important things for all mothers to know the causes and the effects that smoking can bring to a pregnant mother and her unborn baby.

“Smoking is one of the main contributing factors to other diseases that affect our body, for example, pneumonia, heart diseases etc,” Dr. Donna added.

She said that most women know about the bad side of smoking but have the habit of ignorance which is very sad.

“Let us be responsible and be good mothers for the sake of the innocent.”