Statim Faia boost: Oxfam extends successful Partnership with HYC

Honiara Youth Council president Harry James (left) signs the Statim Faia extended partnership with Oxfam Solomon Islands Country Director, Dolores Devesi on Thursday. (2)

Oxfam Solomon Islands has extended its Youth Governance project partnership with Honiara Youth Council (HYC) for the next 12 months, following successful implementations of youth engagements and civic activities this year. A signing event was held on Thursday between Oxfam and HYC representatives, marking the end of its third phase and the start of Phase Four of the partnership also known as the “Statim Faia” project.
The Statim Faia partnership was actively involved with 14 community youth groups in its third phase. Over 2,000 young people are estimated to have directly benefitted from the last 12 months that totalled an expenditure of SBD$1.43 million.
A significant part of this went as small grants provided for youth groups to start community projects and support toward HYC in developing the youths. The initiatives taken up by the recipients involve projects that range from environmental work to entrepreneurship initiatives, agriculture projects, theatre and even a biogas operation.
“Our Youth and Governance project is an exciting area of our work in the Solomon Islands,” said Oxfam Country Director, Dolores Devesi after penning the extended partnership with HYC. “We are extremely satisfied by what Statim Faia has achieved in its third phase, and we must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of HYC. We have seen and experienced the extraordinary potentials possessed by our young people to become great leaders of this country.
“Oxfam is pleased to continue this partnership and we remain committed to support youth development.”The Statim Faia project is funded by the Queens Young Leaders Program (QYLP) through Comic Relief.
Harry James, president of HYC, says Statim Faia has had an enormous impact to young people in Honiara and has reached out as far as the wider civil society. “These grants will help HYC to carry out our action plans or our implementation plans that we have, to help raise HYC as a youth voice for young people and visible for policy spaces,” James acknowledged after signing agreement.
The youth president says HYC is grateful to Oxfam for the partnership and would like to thank the donors Queens Young Leaders Program and Comic Relief.
“These funding have helped young people in Honiara to engagement meaningfully with their community projects but also exercise their involvement with the wider civil society and local government sectors.” According to Oxfam Youth and Governance Coordinator, Neil
Nuia, the third phase of the project is the most accomplished segment of the Statim Faia objectives since its initiation in 2015.
“This [phase three] the past twelve months has really boosted the Statim Faia project and has met all its objectives. One of the main highlights is the consistent and effective role of HYC in taking lead of youth activism and engaging youths in civic duties, influencing policies and involving young people in national events. “It’s good to see HYC in this progress and stepping up their voice for young Solomon Islanders,” the Oxfam Youth Coordinator applauded.
“Going forward for the Statim Faia project Phase Four, we hope to get many more youths on-board, especially for the small grants that will be made available early in 2019.”
Nuia urged youth groups in Honiara to join the HYC network to be able to join the Statim Faia project. Youths under the HYC were notably engaged with the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) to take part as observers in the National Registration for the 2019 National General Elections. It also marked the first time for SIEC to engage civilian volunteers for a national registration.
Later in October, many young leaders under the HYC were selected to join the 4 th National Youth Parliament that is also supported by Oxfam through the QYLP funding.