Sogavare’s Insincere Politics On China/Taiwan Issues Exposed

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale.

THE Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale was shocked by the statement issued by the 15 DCGA MPS on the Government’s position on the China/Taiwan issue.

The call was made in light of the revelation in the local media by 15 Government MPs that they are pro Taiwan and that the Prime Minister is with their group.

The Leader of Opposition says, “it is clear from the statement that the PM has been pro Taiwan from right the beginning.

“These revelations clearly undermine the purpose of establishing the by-partisan task force and its usefulness has been brought under question. Now, it also appears that the bi-partisan task force process was merely a political gimmick by the Prime Minister to manage MPs in his government, who prefer a preference for switching to China,” says the Opposition leader.

The leader of Opposition goes on to state, “the PMs political gimmickry also demonstrated that he is willing to recklessly spend public money on the bipartisan task force process while more pressing needs such as shortage of medicine in our rural clinics and the Kongulai water source treatment continue to cry out for our scarce resources.”

The Opposition leader goes on to say, “from reliable sources within Government, it was confirmed that the whole bipartisan task force exercise will cost the Government around SBD6 million dollars.”

He further labeled as an outright lie the Pro-Taiwan group’s statement attempting to justify the bipartisan task force process as being part of a review process for all diplomatic relations. “No reviews had been proposed and the Government’s 100-day Policy program does not have any policy line on such a review,” said Mr. Wale.

The Opposition leader also says, “if there is urgent matter to do with China, the government should give priority to ensuring the country gets the maximum possible price at international market rates for our logs and bauxite which are mostly exported to China. The Prime Minister must immediately stop spending our scarce resources for the advancement of his insincere political games.”

Furthermore, with the revelations, it is now also clear that no amount of review will lead to a switch to China and that the bipartisan task force exercise was a waste of public funds. The Prime Minister’s actions have cost the Government millions of dollars, says the Opposition leader.”

I, therefore, call on the Prime Minister to publicly justify the purpose and the usefulness of the process. And he must explain to the Solomon Islands why SBD$6 million was spent on the process as a priority over more urgent matters requiring government’s immediate attention.