Sogavare Meets with New Zealand’s Top Representative

Deputy Secretary Pacific and Development Group, Mr Jonathan Kings, Hon Prime Mister Manasseh Sogavare, NZ High Commissioner Don Higgins.

DEPUTY Secretary of the Pacific and Development Group of New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Mr Jonathan Kings, and High Commissioner Don Higgins have paid a courtesy visit on the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare at the Prime Minister’s Office.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Sogavare said the Government is currently working on its plans and priorities that needed to be done at this stage.

Hon Sogavare said the Cabinet is working on the policy statement of the government and preparing for the election of the Speaker of Parliament, and the election of the Governor General in June.

He said after these are done, the government will be focusing on the implementations of its policies.

Hon Sogavare said despite the challenges that the country has gone through in the past years, the government is committed and continue working on its policies.

He added implementation of government policies is progressing well and there are needs in some areas to work on.

Hon Sogavare said the government will be taking necessary reforms to face the challenges in the priority areas.

Hon Sogavare also thanked New Zealand for the upgrade of Munda Airport and other projects in the provinces.

He said the Munda International Airport has boost tourism industry in Solomon Islands.

New Zealand MFAT Deputy Secretary of the Pacific and Development Group Mr Jonathan Kings has congratulated Hon Sogavare on his election as the Prime Minister.

Mr Kings said New Zealand is keen to helping Solomon Islands in the long term development projects.

He said Solomon Islands has greater opportunity in the NZ MFAT Pacific and Development Group and the Pacific Melanesia and Micronesia Division.

He added Solomon Islands is the largest in New Zealand’s long term development projects for the Pacific Islands.

Mr Kings also thanked Solomon Islands Government for its contribution to the Munda Airport project.

Other issues discussed include the challenges faced in agriculture and communication.