Sogavare Declared His Maturity in Leadership

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.


SOLOMON Islands newly elected Prime Minister has reassured the nation that his political style of leadership has developed into maturity over the years.

Manasseh Sogavare whose leadership qualities have translated in the country’s politics to become the prime minister of Solomon Islands for the fourth time.

He told the nation in a media conference after successfully elected prime minister of the country that his leadership style has matured over time.

“I am matured over time and this is my 20 years in Solomon Islands politics. I learned from some of the senior politicians in the country and I have reached the stage of politics maturity compared when I first entered politics in Solomon Islands.

“When I first entered politics in 1997 and there is bang, bang. Now bang, rub forehead and think around before moving on.”

Mr Sogavare has served consecutive terms as the MP for North East Choiseul since he was first elected in 1997 he has held various ministerial roles over the years including in finance and commerce.

He has a background in economics and throughout his career has advocated for the decentralisation of development in the Solomon Islands.

This will be Mr Sogavare’s fourth prime ministership, his previous stints being in 2000, 2006 and most recently in 2014. Two out of his last three terms as prime minister were cut short by no-confidence motions.