Six Dwelling Houses Burnt Down in Malaita Province

Six Dwelling Houses Burnt Down in Malaita Province.

POLICE in Auki, Malaita Province are investigating the burning of six dwelling houses at a settlement near Fote Village, West Kwara’ae, in Malaita Province on 26 January 2018.

The burning of the dwelling houses happened after an argument over land where a logging company is operating.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander, Malaita Province, Superintendent Timothy Apaesi says, “There are six families currently affected following the alleged arson incident. Food gardens were also allegedly destroyed and then stolen.”

“Logging is a very sensitive issue among landowners but the police will not intervene unless there are allegations of criminal activity arising from any logging operation within our communities,” says PPC Apaesi.

He adds: “My officers are currently investigating the allegation of arson and I appeal to communities around Fote Village to provide information to my officers to help with our investigation.”

“I further appeal to both parties involved in the incident not to take the law into your own hands and but assist police with information,” says Superintendent Apaesi.