SINUSA on Dialogue to Oust Vice-Chancellor

SINU yet to Formally Receive a List of students' Grievances 

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SINU yet to formally receive the alleged list of students' grievances.


SOLOMON Islands National University’s (SINU) Management is yet to receive the list of alleged specific grievances that students may have to remove the University’s Vice-Chancellor from office.

The SINU statement comes after reports have surfaced in the social media that the Solomon Islands National University Students Association (SINUSA) met with students to document significant concerns for the immediate removal of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) Dr. Ganesh Chand.

If the SINUSA is proposing the removal of the Vice-Chancellor, it will be a repeat of the events of November 2016 whereby the then Vice-Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo was removed in a series of protests and boycott of classes organized by SINUSA.

The 2016 peaceful protest, which nearly turned violent was staged in front of the VC office for nearly five hours with the students armed with their banners demanding Dr. Galo to step down.

During the protest, the students raised several allegations and issues which they claimed the university management under Dr. Galo’s leadership failed to address.

Meanwhile, the recent SINU statement advises the public that whilst the Management are aware that students have met privately, they are yet to receive any formal notice from the organizers stating the list of any specific grievance which students may have.

“The core business of the University is teaching, learning and creating knowledge. SINU is serious about this. In any environment of reform, some persons may feel aggrieved. SINU shall consider every grievance and deal with them fairly and with due process. 

“Those who have issues that they wish to raise are encouraged to let the management know about their issues. 

“The University has a grievance process for staff as well as students. These processes need to be exhausted, “the statement said.

The University in the Meantime has assured the public that SINU has the utmost concerns for their students and wishes them the best of education to be delivered by the best of lecturers.

“The Management is eager to examine issues which students may have and clarify these to those concerned.

“SINU is a University. The present Management has the responsibility of ensuring that SINU becomes a University indeed and not in name only,” the University Statement said.