SINU Benefit from Solar System Project

Solar project at SINU Kukum campus.


SOLOMON Island National University (SINU), Kukum Campus in Honiara is currently the beneficiary of the Republic of China – Taiwan (ROC) new solar system project.

The project’s total estimated budget is US $1 Million (approximately SBD $7.83 Million). Speedtech Energy C Ltd – a Taiwan Solar supplier company was awarded with the contract in 2018 to build the project.

The project specification has a total volume of 400.62kw solar on grid system with the following subsystem.

  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system; 223.74 kw located at the SINU Kukum new Car Park Area.
  • Roof top Solar system; 150.48 Computer Buildings 50.16 kw*2 plus Girls Dormitory 50.16 kw.
  • Thus Basketball Court; 26.4 kw, Solar LED Street Lamp; additional 10 set of 30 w solar street lamps will be provided for free.
  • Also including a 20 feet container control room, the project time frame was estimated to complete on May 2019.

Director of Planning for SINU Ms Noelyn Biliki said that SINU is so privilege to get the project epecially as the recipient of the government side.

“SINU really appreciate the support done by the Republic of China (Taiwan).

“I can say that SINU was so privilege to get this project and it will save us a lot of money to improve the teaching courses and learning programs.

“As you know SINU is still five years old and is still growing and there are lots of infrastructure development to develop in the future,” Bikili said.

Newly installed solar panels at SINU, Kukum campus.

The project was officially announced by the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Dr Tsai Ing-Wen during her state visit to Solomon Islands on November 2017. Thus, with the design supply installation of the solar power system was publicly announce by SINU on April 2018.

Meanwhile, the estimated completion of the project timeframe is scheduled for May 2019, thus they are now only waiting the Solomon Power to do its final assessment and then the school can have its lighting.

Deputy Counsellor of the Taiwan Oliver Weng said that he is happy to see that project open for SINU.

“I was happy to see the project’s opening ceremony; the project has signified the cooperation between the Solomon Islands Government. The project will improve and contribute to the economic development of the country and it will provide service to SINU based on the access of power through sunlight energy.”

The project aims to support country’s development on education and human resource development.