SINU Students Urged to Check up the 2018 Graduation List

SINU students attending their graduation ceremony program in 2017.

THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) 2018 Graduating students who are supposed to graduate this year are urged to check up for their names at the Student Academic Service (SAS) office.

SINU senior marketing and promotion officer, Estee Baffet Lonamei said a list of students who have met the SINU’s academic requirements has been put up yesterday at the SAS office.

He said it is very important to check up the list so that those with no names could enquire before the graduation day.

“The list consists of eligible students who have passed all their academic courses,” Lonamei said.

However he said it is not the final graduation list as there are other requirements that need to be done before the final list is updated and finalised.

“There are two criteria that will be looked at; firstly, any students who appeared on the list must settle any outstanding fees and secondly, he must have to apply for the graduation by filling in the application form.

He said student can only attend the graduation if the two requirements are fully met.

“SINU has taken such necessary step to avoid what has happened over the recent years where the final graduating students’ list has always been delayed.

“If students don’t see his or her name; but believe he should also included should consult his or her course coordinator as soon as possible to check on that name. The list will also be put up on the SINU’s face book page so that those who might not go to the SAS office may check through our Facebook for their names,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said the due date for paying any outstanding fees would be made known to students later.