SINU Offers Last Chance for Students

Enrolment Extended Until 14th February 2020

SINU Cancels classes, postponed 2020 graduation ceremony until further notice.


SOLOMON Islands National University (SINU) has announced another extension of the registration and enrollment process for students enrolling at the University.

The decision to extend the registration and enrollment period was reached in a special meeting by the University’s senate over the weekend, which approved that the student’s enrollment is continued until Friday 14th February 2020.

However, the announcement further notified students that Lectures will commence on Monday 10th February.

“With the enrollment process confirmed to continue until Friday, students are advised that classes and Lectures will commence the same week, which is on Monday 10th February.” The statement reveals.

The University’s statement further stated that only the University Preparatory College (UPC) program for Forms 6 and 7 will commence their Lectures the foll0wing week on Monday 17th February 2020.

“Classes and Lectures for UPC program will commence on Monday 17th February but we are still accepting applications for students wishing to study with the Preparatory College (UPC).

SINU in the meantime encouraged students who wished to enroll in the University’s other program offerings that they are most welcome to see lecturers at the academic counseling room at the Kukum Campus.

The University in a statement at the commencement of the registration period vows to accept and admit all students wishing to do their studies with the University stating that education is for all and not only for a privileged few.