SINU Held Talks on Economy and Finance


THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) has recently staged their 7th successful ‘Public Talk’ seminar based on the topic ‘Economy and Finance of Solomon Islands’.

According to one of the main speakers of the program, Dr. Luke Forau, one of the most contributing factor to the economy is the engagement in the private business where the government should assist them to improve their destiny.

“The country currently faces the most difficult and conflicting situation and the government should now consider putting whatever policies needed to help improve the economy and especially the private sector,” he said.

Dr. Luke Forau is currently the chairman of the Economic Association of Solomon Islands (EASI), meanwhile, the speakers at the seminar program include the former Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Mr. Gordon Darcy Lilo, Dr. Luke Forau and Dr. Kofi Apreku with moderator Dr. Giuseppe Sapienza.

The Former Prime Minister said proper Budgeting is also the most important thing for any government to consider as it reflects the growth of economy.

“The current budget deficit experience by the government for more than three months is not a good sign for the country and the government should consider that very seriously. It’s a worrying sign for any government taking into account more than 3 months running into deficit.

“The rule of Law should be applied and the government must continue to run state owned institutions to help the country’s economy grow,” he said.

He added that the functioning of a nation’s economy and its financial challenges are concerns of taxpayers or the world over.

“As far as the prosperity of a nation is mirrored by its economy, understanding the nation’s economic outlook, its policy response and the governance structure guiding the economy, is of vital importance for the people of the Solomon Islands,” he told participants at the seminar.

Photo Caption: Speakers at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Talk. From L -R,moderator Dr. Giuseppe Sapienza,Dr. Kofi Apreku ,former Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Mr. Gordon Darcy Lilo and Dr. Luke Forau