SIEC wants knowledge on electoral process spread out

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Communication Public Awareness Electoral Officer Philothea Paul says the main objective of the recently completed training for election awareness officers is to aid them go out and spread the message on the electoral process.

The training was carried out this week in Honiara.

“The objective of the training is that all participant must go out with the same message,” Ms Paul said.

She said that the training is to enlighten the election awareness officers about the new changes in the Electoral Act.

“Some of the participants have attended similar training in the past but they have to attend this one as well because the manual has been revised following the passage of the new Electoral Act last year.”

Ms Paul stressed that topics covered in the training includes campaigning, election offenses, polling day, counting and results and all about the entire election processes and changes in the law.

She added that the aim is to equip the awareness group to reach out to all the 50 constituencies of the country.

Since they started the outreach program, already a total of 31 constituencies have been covered, leaving only 19 constituencies left.

Meanwhile, those who attended the training includes officers from Malaita, Temotu, Makira, Isabel, Central Island and Guadalcanal.