SI Government Described as a Wolf in a Sheep’s Skin

Solomon Islands government’s commitment to fight Corruption described as, “A wolf in a Sheep’s Skin.”


THE Solomon Islands Government’s Commitment in the battle against Corruption has been labeled as, “a wolf in a sheep’s skin,” by the Chief Executive Officer of the Transparency Solomon Islands Ruth Lilogula at the launch of the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), a report released by the Transparency International recently.

“On the surface, the Government seems to have the commitment, but deep down, they need to be pushed to check off deliverables that were promised.”

The TSI Chief Executive Officer expressed that the fight against corruption should feature more prominently in the national and more broadly at the regional level.

Climate change, trade, and labor mobility and security are some of the main topics that dominate the discussion.

But Ms. Lilogula said corruption cuts across all these areas and should be placed higher on the agenda.

“The government should equip and resource institutions that fight corruption in the public sector. 

“But then it is, however, our responsibility to call on the government not just to pretend to be committed, just to be seen as good, but to do the work and support the institutions of integrity,” Ms. Lilogula said.

The Watchdog Chief Executive officer in the meantime acknowledges the fact that the Solomon Islands was the only country in the pacific region where Media freedom and the freedom of speech are not being interfered with and she reiterates her call to keep it that way.

The flagship research product of Transparency International, the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) in which the Solomon Islands slips two places from scores recorded in 2018, offers an annual snapshot of the degree of corruption by ranking countries from zero to 100, zero being highly corrupt.