‘Sharing the Planet’ Exhibition Next week

Exhibition Invitation 2018 FINAL

Year 5 of Woodford International School will be exhibiting their works with a theme ‘Sharing the Planet’ during the two days Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition which will be held at the school on the 22nd to 23rd November, next week.

The school’s year 5 students have five groups with different topics to exhibit on and the topics are: Gender inequality, Education for all, Health and sanitation, Animal cruelty and Pollution.

Woodford International School Year 5 teacher, Julie Lockyer said this term, they have looked into gender inequality and found out that gender inequality is a wide topic and decided to break it down into ‘Women in leadership, wage difference, less education for girls and domestic violence.

“They’ve learnt that 2/3 women in Solomon Islands have experienced sexual or physical violence from their partners. They’ve learnt that only 1/50 people in the parliament are women.

“They also leant that the wage gap is when one gender is paid more than the other, and that less education for girls is when a girl does not receive the same education as a boy just because of her gender,” Julie said.

She said her class inquired into the topic ‘Education for all’ and have discovered that challenges around the world face in receiving an equal education, the impacts of not receiving an education and the responsibilities of humans have to ensure that all children have the right to education.

Their final action plan on this was to send letters to several companies where there are many employees to persuade them to provide scholarships to the worker’s children so they can also have the right to education.

Julie’s class also found out that health and sanitation is provided to the public by the government; along with sanitation, drainage, hygiene, living condition and good environment.

“We’ve found out that 650 billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water.

“My class also learnt that 80.3% of Solomon Islands people open defecate around the streets, bush streams and river,” she said.

“Our action plan for this consists of going to other schools to demonstrate how to wash hands and do an assembly of World Toilet Day on November 19.

The class also chose ‘Animal Cruelty’ for their exhibition topic because they’ve found out that in Honiara there are more stray dogs than humans.

They’ve learnt that for surgery and anaesthetics female dogs cost more than males at $350 to $450 and $250 to $350 for the males here in the Solomon Islands.

They also did some research on ‘Pollution’ and found out about the causes of land pollution, how it affects our lives and about the serious waste problem is in and around Honiara.

“We’ve visited many places including a logging site, dump site and the Honiara City Council, wrote letters to the City Council about the pollution problem and about banning plastic wastes and bottles in schools.

“We’ve want to take action on pollution because we really want to decrease the rubbish in Honiara and the country as a whole.

“We need more rubbish bins, less plastic bottles around our schools, recycling shopping bags and food scraps to be turned into compost at home and in schools,” said Julie.

Julie said that the class chose these five topics as they are the issues which are most common in the country and that need to consider and take action on them.

She said they are doing what they can do to change the mindset of people on these issues and get them to take personal responsibilities to change environment and lifestyle.