Security is Everybody’s Business: PM

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare.

“SECURITY must start with us. Security is everybody’s business. We cannot be complacent with the security of our nation nor can we assume that there will be no threats”.

Those are the words uttered by the Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare when he hosted a dinner for leaders and participants of the country’s First National Security Strategy Summit.

“We must have a society that embraces oneness, a society that respects the rule of law, a society that is willing to engage with friends and a society that has anchored its faith in God,” he stated.

He also stated the importance to appreciate the corporate nature of the commitment to secure a peaceful environment for the nation.

“Security must start with us. Security is everybody’s business. We cannot be complacent with the security of our nation nor can we assume that there will be no threats,” he stated.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that there exist threats and security concerns in any society or nation, “and for us Leaders and good citizens of Solomon Islands, we are obliged and duty-bound to join hands to address these security challenges, big or small”.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the Solomon Islands is a complex nation due to its diversity, “addressing issues of nation-building must be pursued in the spirit of inclusivity”.

“In the security space, we will continue to work together, as Solomon Islanders, to realize the Solomon Islands dream. We are leaders who are strong and resilient. We are leaders who are committed to our peoples and have respect for the values we stand for,” he said.

The Prime Minister further reiterated, “I am proud to say that we have demonstrated our resolve during this summit to stand united for the course of justice, peace and prosperity for our beloved nation Solomon Islands”.

Recalling his statement made during the opening of the summit on Tuesday, the Prime Minister recited, “in today’s globalized world, no country is an Island. Every nation, big or small, need each other and we depend on our partnership to create a secure environment for our nations. Solomon Islands is a nation that comes through thick and thins and our past experiences have taught us great lessons”.

He also took the opportunity to acknowledge the involvement of Civil Society Groups, NGOs, women representatives, our development partners and friends from overseas that have provided a broader perspective to the strategy.

“This is very encouraging because my Government will listen to everyone. We all have a responsibility to contribute to the development of our nation and we will listen.   We are taking an innovative approach in designing a fit-for-purpose strategy that encompasses views from everyone.

That is why we hosted this summit”, he reiterated.

He also stated the government’s commitment to hold similar “important” Leaders’ summit in the future to ensure that the oversight mechanism to the implementation programs is provided.

“We will stand united in our overwhelming response to provide a secure environment for our people – and that is what I call true Solomon Islanders,” he ends.

The First National Security Strategy Summit was held from 20th to 22nd August at the FFA Conference Center.