School in Temotu Shutdown Because of Poor Facilities

Classes Deferred at Lata Community High School, Santa Cruz, Temotu province.

TEMOTU provincial education authority, school board, and administration have progressed to shut down the deteriorated school facilities in Lata, Santa Cruz.

The confirmed move was established to allow building renovations and reconstructions at the Lata Community High School (CHS) in the heart of the Temotu provincial in Lata.

The school provides both the primary and secondary level in education.

This month, school students and teachers were assured by responsible authorities that this year’s (2018) academic year would be deferred to a further date until all renovation works are accomplished.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Isles Media, Provincial Chief Education Officer (CEO) Stephen Kumi said the decision was made due to the current worsening status of the school.

“The current status of the school is totally not up to standard and no longer fit to accommodate students while doing their studies instead it looks like a place that is left behind after a war.

“There are no proper toilets available and several classrooms have huge cracked roofs that are exposed to the weather; blue skies can be seen through the cracked roof tops from within the classroom.

“There is no proper security fence to protect the school compound from the unwanted activities, and stray animals. It’s obviously very disgusting to see human wastes such as feces and urine within and around classrooms,” he added.

However, Kumi refutes recent speculations that claimed the school was shut down due to land dispute.

“The deferment of 2018 academic year has nothing to do with land dispute as some might say but we want to meet the standard expected of the school before we begin our 2018 academic year,” he said.

The latest statement from the Provincial Chief Education Officer (CEO) should clear the doubts and reestablish more strong confidence to students, parents, and guidance of Lata Community High School in Temotu province.

Meanwhile, Kumi said the current decision was made with the collaborative support from the Head of School, Parents, Provincial government and the National Government’s Ministry of Education to ensure the school meets the standard requirements and expectations before students can get back to school.

“We already have several meetings and I can assure you that things are now going well as expected and therefore, renovation works have already started.

“Currently, we are waiting for MV Onogou to deliver building materials to complete the renovation works at the school,” he said.

Lata High School has over the past four years without a school board, however responsible school authorities are looking forward to form a new board this year.