RSIPF Sets Up Committee to Response to Possible Corona Virus Outbreak


AS part of its preparation to respond should there be a Coronavirus outbreak in the Solomon Islands; the Royal Solomon Island Police Force has established a working committee to prepare and response to Possible Corona Virus Outbreak in the country.

RSIPF Acting Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau said, “The Plan and the Covid-19 Operation Order is to support the whole-of-government response to any potentially high threat and impact of a Coronavirus outbreak in the Solomon Islands.

“This is a coordinated working committee between, RSIPF and its bilateral partners the Australian- Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP) and the New Zealand – Solomon Islands Police Support Program (SIPSP).”

Acting Commissioner Mangau added: “The RSIPF will articulate coordinated support for other key government agencies to enhance border control measures including:

• Solomon Islands Border Protection / Customs;
• Solomon Islands Immigration Department;
• Ministry of Health and Medical Services;
• National Disaster Management Office;
• Solomon Islands Ports Authority;
• International Airport Authorities; and
• Neighboring countries order and security authorities.”

Acting Commissioner Mangau explained: “The role of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) during such an outbreak period is to:

• Maintain law and order within Solomon Islands;
• Maintain law enforcement presence at enhanced border controlled areas;
• Respond to any public order incidents or requests for policing assistance from government agencies involved in enhanced border control areas, hospitals, medical facilities or declared quarantine and isolation sites by SIG;
• Take all measures within its powers and authority to protect life and property and to facilitate the movement of rescue, medical, fire, and other essential services; and
• Provide liaison between the Ministry of Health and the National Disaster Management Office.”

The RSIPF is currently providing outside patrols at the venue the Government agencies are using to quarantine people in the Henderson area, east of Honiara who has arrived back in the Solomon Islands after traveling to countries that there is a Coronavirus outbreak. So far no Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the Solomon Islands.