RSIPF Senior Executive Receive Training

RSIPF senior executive members pose with their certificates.

AS part of plans to strengthen the leadership capability of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), senior executive officers attended a four-day Coaching and Mentoring Program organised by the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) in Honiara from 25 – 28 February 2019.

The RSIPF Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners received their completion certificates from the AIPM during a brief ceremony at the Rove Police Headquarters on 1 March 2019.

The Program included workshops and one-on-one coaching and feedback sessions with each of the executive members.  Key development areas were identified and executive group commitments and individual development plans were drafted for ongoing monitoring and feedback.

The topics discussed during the program focused around executive roles, behaviour, communication and challenges of Police executives in leading and managing a police organisation.

The four-day program challenged the current RSIPF executive in thinking differently and identifying strategies to further develop to be effective and efficient executive leaders of the RSIPF.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Corporate Support Anika Nausi says, “From the Program I have come to learn that as a member of the RSIPF executive, the two main focuses are operational leadership and executive leadership. Operational leadership focuses more on rules, tasks, policies and procedures with more emphasis on conversations for actions. On the other hand, executive leadership focuses on organisation, people, family, conflicts, community, loyalties and expectations, with more emphasis on conversations for clarity.”

“This means we are encouraged to improve on our communications, consultations and feedback. Whilst both leadership focuses are important, more attention should be paid to executive leadership and do more conversations seeking clarity on issues,” AC Nausi explains.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Capital and Crime Prevention Simpson Pogeava says, “As a member of the RSIPF Executive I have greatly benefitted from the training. It provided a safe environment that enabled me to interact openly and honestly with my colleague ACs and as well as the two Deputy Commissioners and the Commissioner himself. “

AC Pogeava adds: “The training provided an opportunity for us to discover and explore our leadership similarities and differences.  By doing so it strengthened our understanding of each other that will enable us to build our relationship making the RSIPF Executive leadership team stronger and healthier.”

The Program was attended by the RSIPF Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners.