Provisional Voters List To Be Exhibited This Week.


VOTER Registrants throughout the country will have the opportunity to check
and correct the first voters list known as the provisional voters list, as of
Monday this week.
The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission Office for the past few weeks
immediately after the close of registration, have been busy with data
Around 30 data officers have been engaged for the data compilation process.
They worked around the clock over the past weeks to match and adjudicate
registration details.
“This is when those who were found to be highly resembled are manually
verified to establish a decision on whether the same person registered twice or
are different registrants.
“During this process, double registrants were identified and their previous
registrations removed altogether leaving only the registrants latest registration,”
a statement from the office said.
The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission Office said printing of the
provisional voters list has commenced last week (Thursday) packaged and
dispersed right away to all constituencies for publication as of Monday this
This provisional voters list should contain names of all who have registered
recently and in 2014.
The list is expected to be pinned up in all Voter Registration Centres for
registrants to check and identify problems.
During this time the public is encouraged to view the list and make appropriate
changes to the list.
Any registered person can challenge the Provisional List or a person on the
Provisional List on the following grounds:Is not a citizen of SI
 Has not attained 18 years
 Is not an ordinary resident in the constituency
 Is not of sound mind
 Registered more than once
 Is not the person s/he claims to be
 Is not qualified by the law
 Has applied to register but his/her name does not appear on the list or
name not spelt correctly.
“If your name appears in yellow on the Provisional Voters List, it means that
you have attempted to register more than once. Only your latest registration will
remain on the final voters list.”
The Provisional List will be exhibited as of the 29 th October to November 4 th
after which, the Omission and Objection period commences from November 7 th
to November 20th .
SIECO encourages registrants to check the list and make corrections (if any), by
filling in Omission and Objection forms which can be issued by Revising
Officers upon requests.
“Take note of the important dates above so that you can participate in the legal