Ports Tightens Domestic Terminal Access Control

Ports Tightens Domestic Terminal Access Control

SOLOMON Ports security will from yesterday be facilitating restrictions and strict regulations on public movements inside the domestic terminal.

The western main entrance gate will only be used strictly for entrance and not for an exit, while the eastern exit gate will only be used strictly for exit, and not for entrance.

There are pedestrian gates at both the entrance and exit gates that members of the public are encouraged to use.

Alcohol and smoking are prohibited inside the domestic jetties, which members of the public are encouraged to adhere to.

A $100 spot fine is imposed on anyone who is found smoking and engaging in illegal activities within the domestics and yacht club facilities.

Head of Ports security, PFSO Andrew Kilimani said these measures are taken by Ports Security to improve access control.

He said every vehicle entering the facility will be thoroughly checked by security officers at the main entrance gate.

“We will not have illegal activities taking place at our port if we find someone is drunk, that individual will not enter the domestic terminal,” he said.

“In terms of safety, we advise passengers to keep out from loading zones, and we encourage people not to sell anything inside the domestic jetties, that is illegal.”

Mr. Kilimani said Solomon Ports now must ensure its security standards meet International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) standards.

He calls on ship passengers to cooperate with ports security to ensure safety and regulations are followed.

“We have international obligations to comply with, and I know the festive season is getting closer, so we want to ensure people travel out to their islands safely.”

The authority will take strict measures in the future that only ship crews with IDs and ship Passenger manifest will be allowed access to the Domestic Facility.