Political Parties Must Stop Lip Service



TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands is appealing to 14 Political Parties that are registered and are ready for the 2019 National General Elections must stop this culture of lip service during the campaign period.

Such practice has become a culture in every National General Elections that Political Parties always come out publicly to tell the nation about their political aspirations to achieve once they formed the new government after Elections.

Number of local citizens told TSI that, a lot of political parties formed have filled in their candidates to contest but once they resume office policies that they preached during the campaign period was not fulfilled.

During previous National General Elections, most Parties give false hope to this nation when in coalition with other political parties to form a new government because they never put into action the good policy contain in their manifesto.

Current political parties have good policy objective and intention but must stop this cycle of lip service in this coming election to deliver goods and services to the people of Solomon Islands.

Our current leaders should learn from past leaders who are visionary and did not have much in the way of education, but their heart is in the right place. Not to steal from the people other than that opportunities are there for people to find their own niche in the economic development of this country.

Our first leaders with a very small amount of Development Budget Allocation in that short period of time, they used it wisely and were instrumental in establishing a number of Institutions and Developments to grow the economy of this country.

Just to name a few, in Oil Palm CDC invested in oil palm production, now GPPOL, Solomon Taiyo, now Soltuna, National Provident Fund, Development Bank of Solomon Islands DBSI and the Livestock Development Authority to support Livestock Farming both small and large animals for nutrition, domestic market while developing external market, Commodity Export Marketing Authority to market prescribed and developmental new market produces, and products.

These are kind of developments people want to see continue and would contribute to the stimulation of the national economy. Out of these other businesses either small or big would sprang providing both employment opportunity and income generating niche for our citizen.