Police Work with Chiefs on Alleged Arson Incident on Ulawa Island

Police in Kirakira, Makira Ulawa Province.

POLICE in Kirakira in the Makira-Ulawa Province are working together with local chiefs at Ripo Village on Ulawa Island to calm the situation following an alleged arson incident at the Village on yesterday.

It was alleged a group of men claimed the owner of the house-practiced sorcery and so decided to burn the house.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai says, “The incident was reported by one of my staff who is currently on leave on Ulawa Island and the officer is working closely with local chiefs there to avoid any retaliation by the victim’s family and relatives.”

PPC Sitai adds: “Preparations are underway for a team of police investigators to travel to Ulawa Island soon to investigate into the matter.”

“I appeal to both parties in the incident not to take the law into their own hands, but to remain calm and allow police to investigate the matter,” says Superintendent Sitai.

The PPC Makira-Ulawa Province encourages people at Ripo Village to provide information that will assist police with its investigation into the alleged incident.