Police Warns of Demanding Vehicles for Potholes Refilling

Potholes a popular scene in Honiara.

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has strongly warned people from demanding money from public vehicles for their work in refilling potholes.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said there are responsible authorities that have the mandate to do the job and should anybody wanted to help should contact them.

Mr Varley made the statement during his previous media conference in response to queries by media on the issue of demanding money for potholes refilling in the outskirts of Honiara.

“First and for most, there are responsible authorities (Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the Honiara City Council) in the City that are responsible in maintaining the roads, therefore we could encourage people to liaise with them and to report any problem on the roads such as the

He said the Police also understands that some communities want to do the right thing by help to improve the roads and refilling the potholes and there might be some very good community spirit behind that.

“But what is not acceptable and should not be allowed is to demand money from those vehicles passing by. They felt the confrontation when road block interventions were made by youths who might say demand payment for the potholes they have fixed,” he added.

Mr Varley said that is clearly an unacceptable practice and depending on the nature of the  demands carried whether it would amount to a criminal offense.

“So if there are reports of people who have been threatened or intimidated by people on the side of the road, we will certainly respond to those actions,” he said.