Police Raid Black Market Outlets in Western Province

Police confiscated liquor products in Munda raid.

POLICE at Munda in the Western Province have arrested two suspects following a raid on black market outlets on 9 February 2018 after allegations of illegal selling of alcohol at several locations in the township.

Police confiscated a total of 30 cartons of alcohol which included a variety of beers and whiskey and cola.

Two suspects including a female have been charged with illegal sale of alcohol and released awaiting a date for their appearance in court.

“I wish to thank members of the community in Munda for coming forward with information that led to the successful raid. This illegal sale of alcohol has been carried out in family homes and have caused disturbance within the Munda community over the past several months,” says Provincial Police Commander, Western Province, Chief Superintendent, Mathias Lenialu.

PPC Lenialu adds: “The easy access to alcohol such as from black market outlets has resulted in fighting, stealing, family violence and common nuisance within the Munda township.”

Chief Superintendent Lenialu says, “Munda is one of the best tourism destinations in the Western Province and it has the soon to be completed Munda international airport. Tourists will only visit our islands if there is guarantee that there is law and order.”

“I want to thank my officers in Munda for this successful raid and members of the community for providing information to police. I want to encourage other members of the community to come forward and report such illegal activities so that our families can live in peace without threat of crime,” says PPC Lenialu.