Police Officer Charged for Traffic Offences

Police officer charged for reckless driving, drink and drive plus no driving licence.

A MALE Police Officer at the Henderson Police Station has been charged to four offenses after causing serious injuries to a male person who he struck when driving a vehicle.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley in his recent media conference said the collusion incident involved an off duty police constable who drove an hired car on Friday 9th February 2018 at the Supreme Casino Girls’ Hostel at the Kukum Area.

“It was alleged when the officer was driving down the road, he struck a male person who was lying on the road way near the Supreme Casino Girl’s Hostel along the Kukum Highway in East Honiara.

Mr Varley said the incident occurred around 8pm and it’s confirmed that male victim sustain serious internal and external injuries to his body where he was later taken to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) by witnesses.

He said sadly and unfortunately the off duty officer left the scene and the reason for that has been investigated.

The Commissioner said Police are taking the matter very seriously and has charged the officer for breaching four offenses just a day after the incident.

“The officer was detained and apprehended by our professional standard unit on the next day after investigations were commenced and as a result of our investigation and statements that we have obtained from various witnesses, the officer has been charged with four offenses where it was alleged he was unlicensed driver, it was alleged he was driving an unlicensed vehicle, it was further alleged that he was driving under the influence of alcohol and due to the nature of the collusion and the injuries sustained he has also been charged with account of dangerous driving,” he added.

Mr Varley said he has been charged and has appeared in court on the 12th of February and has been bailed and summoned to appear in court next on the 20th of February and obviously we are also working closely working with the victim who has been receiving medical treatment at the NRH.

When asked by media for the officer’s identity, the Commissioner said he would not reveal his identity as the matter is before the court but that officer is stationed at the Henderson Police Station and they are taking it as a very serious case.

“As we’ve said before we are taking this sort of cases very seriously as we have expected the highest level of standard and discipline and adherence to the law by our police officers and as I have said before any Police officers who breaks the law and investigations are substantial, we will deal with it severely and as a result of that the officer has been charged and has been issued an suspension order for him as a result of the outcome of that investigation,” he said.

Mr Varley on behalf of the RSIPF has extended his reassurances to the victim of the incident.

“Police are really concern for his wellbeing and ask for calm as the matter is being put before the court for the law to take its cause,” the Police Chief told media reporters.