Police Investigate Deaths Following Landslide in Central Province

Police in Tulagi are investigating deaths following landslide in Central province.

POLICE in Tulagi, Central Province is investigating the death of a couple at Gole Village, in Central Province after their bodies were found buried in their garden hut by a land slide on 27 September 2018.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander Central Province Inspector John Sara says, “It is alleged that the couple went gardening on the morning of Wednesday 26 September 2018. By afternoon the weather became bad. Heavy rain and strong winds were experienced and they did not return home.”

Inspector Sara adds: “The next morning they did not arrive home and so members of their family begun searching for them. They went to their garden and discovered that their garden hut was covered by a land slide with the two bodies inside.”

He says, “Police attended to the report and enquiries were made. We believe that the land slide happened during the night when the couple were asleep in their hut.”

“I want to appeal to my people in Central Province to take seriously the weather forecasts issued by the Met Service through the SIBC,” says Inspector Sara.