PM Welcomes US Engagement to Address SI’s Interest

The Prime Minister during a photo session with the Us Ambassador To Solomon Islands H.E Katherine Ebert- Gray And Brigadier General Robert Sofge Jr, Deputy Commander, Us Marines Pacific. Ambassador Ebert-Gray And Deputy Commander Sofge Jr Are Both Wearing Shell Neck Attires Gifted To Them By The Prime Minister.

PRIME Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare (MP) has welcomed the United States’ willingness to engage with the Solomon Islands Government in addressing and advancing the long- term interest of the Solomon Islands.

This was expressed during his meeting with a delegation from the United States Government led by the US Ambassador to the Solomon Islands Her Excellency Catherine Ebert-Gray at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet this week.

During the meeting, H.E Ebert-Gray also thanked the Prime Minister for his recent meeting with members of the Peace Corps and stated that preliminary matters are now being dealt with and addressed before any bilateral agreement is signed.

H.E Ebert-Gray also informed the Prime Minister about a team from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan that will visit the country to assess the infrastructure needs of the country as well as to assess the National Transport Core initiative that was proposed by the Government.

The US Ambassador also stated her country’s interest in assisting the Solomon Islands in cybersecurity.

The H.E Ebert-Gray also took the opportunity to deliver a letter from the Vice President of the United States of America to Hon. Sogavare.

The Vice President of USA acknowledges and hears the Prime Minister’s concern for infrastructure development in the Solomon Islands and stated that he looks forward to meeting the PM at the United Nations General Assembly at New York in September.