PM Wary of Negative Impacts of Social Media

Photo Source: Out Sourced


WHILST appreciating the value of social media, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has express wariness of its negative impacts that might cause.

Prime Minister Sogavare in his independence anniversary address to the nation on Tuesday 7th July quoted the Governor General – His Excellency Sir David Vunagi’s Queen’s Birthday address stating that the Governor General’s address summed up the issue very nicely.

Sogavare quoted a good portion of GG’s statement which said, “Social media is an important medium of communication that we must use it with civilized mind.

Prime Minister Sogavare continues to quote GG’s statement which continues to state that, “Social media is a technological tool that allows people to share and receive vital information to enhance appropriate changes in life. In view of that, social media must be used with great responsibilities. The catch words, freedom of expression, must not be casually used to overshadow the importance of coexistence, and cultural values.

“As citizens of this nation our fundamental rights and freedoms of conscious and expression are well guarded, in our, National Constitution.

“However, we must not be egocentric, and it will looking if we want to claim and demand those rights, privileges and freedoms.

“The Constitution is very clear that the enjoyment of the said right and freedoms by any individual does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others or the public interest.” Governor General Sir Vunagi stated in his Queens Birthday address.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare referring to the GG’s statement said that Solomon Islanders are been reminded about the virtue of taking others into consideration and affording them all due respect at all times.

Sogavare said Social media has been used to incite division, hatred and bitterness, freedom of expression has been used to slander, incriminate, swear, intimidate and break down cultural norms.

“There is a lot of interpersonal insensitivity to say the list. If we claim to be a Christian country, then let us act, Behave and speak like one.

“Good people of this beloved nation, let us take these words by His Excellency the Governor-General into our heart and act on it.