PM Urges Gov’t Press Officers to Support Meet the Press Strategy

Prime Minister Honorable Rick Nelson Houenipwela.

HONORABLE Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Rick Houenipwela urged all information and Press officers within the government’s 23 Ministries to support the ‘Meet the Press’ strategy.

PM Hou made the call during a recent Inter Government Information and Press officers networking workshop held in Honiara.

He said to have instructed his press secretary office and the government communication units to draw up a communication strategy for the government.

“As part of that strategy, I have introduced a meet the press initiative purposely to encourage all Cabinet Ministers including the Prime Minister to engage with the public through information sharing through regular press conferences,” he said.

He said the idea is to encourage each Ministry to adopt a meet the press calendar for all the respective Ministers.

“The main objective is to keep our people informed through issuing of weekly press statements on the government policies ongoing programs and to get a better source from the Minister as the boss,” he said.

He said he has already encouraged all his ministers on the opportunity to build a good relationship with the media and the people.

The Prime Minister said with the very important workshop for the government communication officers, he hopes and believe that would further equipped to assist their respective Ministers to achieve the common goal of the meet the press strategy.

As part of signifying the strategy, the Prime Minister has recently hosted a press conference in Honiara.