PM Hou Calls for National Support

Prime Minister elect, Honorable Rick Hounipwela delivering his inaugural speech outside the Parliament.

THE Prime Minister elect, Honorable Rick Houenipwela has called on every Solomon Islanders to embrace peace and national unity.

PM Hou made the call when delivering his inaugural speech after announcing his election victory as the Prime Minister outside the Parliament yesterday.

“I call on all Solomon Islanders to embrace peace and National unity. It is an important aspect for nationhood and nation building. As a matter of fact, unity is the way forward in achieving peace, progress and prosperity. We must avoid ‘disunity’ because it only forges ‘instability’,” he said.

The new PM Hou also encourages his colleague Members of Parliament from both the Independent and Opposition Groups to work together with his new Government to complete the term by moving the country forward.

“As elected leaders, I hope we can work together in governing our beloved country. I believe we can move this country forward if we put all our differences aside and focus on our national interests and of our people,” he added.

He also applauded all the public servants, business houses, provincial leaders, church leaders and community leaders for their ongoing support and urged them to continue working together for the good of the nation Solomon Islands.

“To our hardworking public servants, I thank you for your tireless efforts in delivering services to our people. I call for your support and look forward to seeing you serve your Government with honesty and integrity.

“To our business houses, I acknowledge the contributions you have made to our country’s economy. ­The opportunities in creating jobs for our people, community support, and entrepreneurship are fully appreciated.

“To our premiers and provincial assemblies, I also thank you for your support and I encourage you to work with us to help advance the development aspirations of our people in our provinces.

“To our churches, thank you for your prayers and spiritual guidance in continuing to stand hand in hand with the Government as an important partner in seeking God’s direction for our beloved country.

“To our chiefs, community leaders, elders, youth and women leaders, thank you for your contributions in leading our people and being agents for stability. This country would not have been where we are now without your unwavering commitment and love for our people,” he added.

He also thanked all Solomon Islanders, in and around the country and abroad for their support and prayers and urged them to continue to embrace peaceful co-existence and unity amongst every people.

“Each and every one of us has a responsibility to lead and serve our nation; so let us discharge that responsibility with dignity and dedication.

“I urge all of you to support this Government. This is your Government; I am humbled to have been elected to lead it. I promise to do the best of my ability and to serve this country and its people with honesty and integrity,” he concluded.