PM Highlights Importance of Peace & Stability

Prime Minister Honorable Rick Nelson Houenipwela.

THE need to sustain peace is important for the betterment and advancement of any society, says Prime Minister Rick Hou.

Speaking during the launching of the launching of the new peacebuilding programme, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for peace and stability amongst citizens and leaders of this country.

“Without peace, development cannot take place. Without peace, children cannot go to school. Without peace we cannot realize our full potentials, and without peace, our aspirations will remain dreams,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that the nexus of peace and development, therefore, cannot be exaggerated.

“We need peace in order to have optimal and sustainable development. The inverse is equally true in that we have to have development in order to have peace in our communities throughout the country,” he said.

However, Prime Minister Hou said development is not just about achieving and sustaining a high economic growth rate.

“It is not only about employment opportunities, or strong per capita incomes. It is also about engineering a development pathway that will allow growth to take place but, at the same time, for people in our far-flung villages and communities to be empowered. It is about creating the enabling environment; a development pathway that empowers women and youth, harness comparative advantages in their localities. It is about remaining engaged and having the feeling of worth and a sense of making a contribution to the welfare and betterment of the country as a whole,” he said.

The Prime Minister has also appealed for unity amongst all our people and all public officers.

“I appeal for everyone to work together to make a peaceful future for our country. You are all the leaders of this country. Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. We can be that generation,” he said.