PM Face-to-Face With Hospital Realities

National Referral Hospital compound in Honiara.

PRIME Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP along with several of his colleague Members of Parliament took the time off their busy schedules to go down and see for themselves the realities surrounding the state of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) on Wednesday this week.

Following many statements being made, and issues surrounding the National Referral Hospital, the Prime Minister and several of his colleague Members of Parliament decided to go out and see firsthand the situation and state of the country’s main hospital.

The team were first given the opportunity to listen to the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Steve Aumanu presentation about the various issues surrounding the state and affairs of the hospital.

According to the CEO, the hospital budget of SBD$27 million only caters for running the hospital at a minimal risks but it needs a further $13 million if it has to be refurbished, maintained and improved.

According to the Prime Minister, going out and see the reality out there is the first step to take proper and strong actions to the issues faced by the NRH.

“Whilst we are surprised to see the sad state of our hospital, we are committed to do the necessary actions to implement at the soonest the urgent need of the hospital and this includes refurbishments and improving other parts of the hospitals,” Sogavare stated.

The Prime Minister further made assurance to address the immediate need of the hospital whilst taking a comprehensive approach to its long term needs.